911 Accountability Conference Phoenix Arizona

Join us in Chandler, AZ for the upcoming 9/11 Accountability Strategies and Solutions Conference

The information is overwhelming! Demand Accountability!

February 23-25, 2007
San Marcos Resort, Chandler, Arizona


Kevin Barrett • Dr. Bob Bowman • Carol Brouillet • Ed Haas
Meria Heller • Barbara Honegger • Steven E. Jones • Loose Change
Janette MacKinlay • Jim Marrs • Peter Phillips • Peter Dale Scott
Sofia Shafquat • Elizabeth De La Vega • Dave VonKleist
Eric D. Williams and so many more!*

We are seeking strategies and solutions to demand accountability for the crimes of 9/11. It is now time to utilize the overwhelming evidence of government complicity, as we move forward and direct our focus on actions that further the cause of accountability. We aim for unity within our movement to accomplish these goals.

Think Unity! Demand Accountability!

*Confirmed Speakers:
Darrell Anderson - Iraq Veterans Against the War Deployed • Kevin Barrett - Founder Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance and Radio Personality • Mike Berger - 911Truth. org Media Coordinator • Phil Berg - Attorney • Donna Bird - 9/11 Family Survivor member • Carol Brouillet - Deception Dollar and The Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance • Dr. Bob Bowman - Former Director of "Star Wars" Program, Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Nuclear Engineering (Caltech), and former Congressional Candidate. • Rebecca Cerese - Ground Zero Responders' Advocate • Elizabeth DeLaVega - Author of US vs. George Bush • Anita Dennis - Iraq Veterans Against the War Deployed • John Feal - Ground Zero Responder fealgoodfoundation.com • Jeff Farias - Arizona Radio Personality • Tom Foti - NYC Performer and Activist • Gary Franchi - Founder of the Lone Lantern Society of America • Peter Garritano - Vermont Initiative • Ed Haas - The Muckraker Report and National 9/11 Debate • Ernie Hancock - Freedom’s Phoenix and the 9/11 Truth Party • Meria Heller - Internet Radio Personality • Barbara Honegger - Former Regan Administration Consultant • Les Jamieson - NY 9/11 Truth Activist • Ken Jenkins - Videographer and 9/11 Researcher • Steven E. Jones - Physicist and 9/11 Researcher • Kent Knudson - 9/11 Truth of AZ • Loose Change - Dylan Avery, Korey Rowe, and Jason Bermas • Bob McIlvaine - 9/11 Survivor Family member • Janette MacKinlay - 9/11 Survivor and Author of Fortunate: A Personal Diary of 9/11 • Jim Marrs - Author of seven books including The Terror Conspiracy: Deception, 9/11 and the Loss of Liberty • Alessandra Soler Meetze - AZ ACLU • Peter Phillips - Founder of Project Censored • Kathleen Rosenblat & Lynne Pense - Citizen’s Grand Journey • Luke Rudowski - NYC 9/11 Truth Activist • Peter Dale Scott - Author of The Road to 9/11: Wealth, Empire, and the Future of America and co-editor of 9/11 & American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out • Sofia Shafquat - creative force behind DVD 9/11 Mysteries • Webster Tarpley - Author of 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA • Dr. Tom Tvedten - 911 DVD Project • Dave VonKleist - Producer of 9/11 in Plane Site and co-host of The Power Hour • Eric D. Williams - Author of seven books including The Puzzle of Fascism - More confirmed speakers coming soon!

Visit our new website for the latest information at www.911accountability.org

911 Mysteries Screenings Phoenix Arizona

911 Mysteries screenings at 12 noon and 2 pm Friday October 6

Bookmans NEW Phoenix Central
8034 N. 19th Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85021
(602) 433-0255

Reserved By: 911 Mysteries
Contact: Kent
Phone: 602-246-4299

Radio Interview with Director of 9/11 Mysteries on Air America

Posted 10.03.2006:

This Thursday, 10/05 9/11 Mysteries director Sofia will be interviewed on Air America radio in Phoenix to promote the movie (KPHX 1480am 7:30-9am) streaming on the Internet at 1480kphx.com

Call in with questions!

Free 9/11 Mysteries Live Movie Screening

Posted 09.27.2006:

9/11 Mysteries ORANGE COUNTY CA, COSTA MESA Screening

Free Public Screening of the newly released documentary 9/11 Mysteries

Saturday, September 30 at 7:00 pm
Orange Coast Unitarian Universalist Church
1259 Victoria Street, Costa Mesa

The filmmaker will be there to answer questions following the screening.

9/11 Mysteries was produced Sofia Smallstorm.  The film premiered September 8th in Los Angeles.  9/11 Mysteries has been universally reviewed as the best 9/11 film to date. "An A+ effort."

Please bring people with you who do not know about the problems with the 9/11 story.

The fifth anniversary of the 9/11 attack on America is upon us.  There is an official story, repeated over and over, validated by the 9/11 Commission Report, and used as the justification for much of what has happened in the world over the past five years.  But, was it Osama Bin Laden and 19 Arabs with box-cutters?  Or was it a False Flag, Synthetic Terror, Psychological Operation perpetrated on the American People by rogue elements in our government, our military, and their allies in the corporate world to advance their own agenda?

Due largely to the Internet, researchers have assembled a substantial body of evidence suggesting the official 9/11 story was a lie.  Even more effort has gone into "Debunking" this "Evidence."  According to the Debunkers, you should not even look at the Conspiracy Nuts Case.  We Disagree. Look at the evidence and make up your own mind.